December Update!

So December has been filled with so many exciting things and blessings! I accepted a job offer with Chase so now im back to being fully employed (whoo hoo!) and between working and hanging out my awesome Chicagoan friends I have been keeping busy. The weather surprisingly has not been too cold in fact, a couple of weekends I have had the chance to experience clear beautiful days (see below). I have also endulged myself in a few Chicago dessert specialities such as cupcakes from sugar bliss, garrets popcorn, and ghiradelli fudge (below is my oh so favorite strawberry ice cream with the fudge yum!!). Im still working on venturing out to more restuarants but there are just so many to visit so for the upcoming new year I definitely plan to try a new restuarant a week!

For Christmas I headed back to Cali and spent time with my nephews and friends. I went to San Diego and saw an encore show at LIPS. I always enjoy going there the drags a hilarious!! All in all it was a great trip and I was glad to see some of my friends although a future trip is much needed so I can visit those who I didnt get see this time around!


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