City Girl’s Diet

So its been a few months since I moved to the Windy City and I have developed a diet that is pretty similar to what I did in Socal; eating junk food. Thank goodness having my own place allows me to have a decent meal every now and then but my busy career and social life warrants a junkfood diet to help get me through the days. I have decided to share some of the things I do (or rather consume) that are apart of my diet and lifestyle here in the city:

Sugar Bliss is a great replacement to my cupcakes obsession that I had in socal. What’s even better is that they make mini cupcakes (shown to the left) so in between my meetings I can pop a cupcake in my mouth to keep me going through the day (it sometimes even substitutes lunch on my really busy days).

My co-workers and friends can attest to my weekly fix of Garrett popcorn. After a long day sometimes all I want is a bucket full of cheesy and caramel goodness while watching my recorded shows. I typically get a small “chicago mix” bag but some weeks may call for a medium bag.

I’m not a morning person however, Corporate America forces me to at least act like I am Monday-Friday (and some Saturdays). Thank goodness Lavazza is here to the rescue and gives me the energy boost I need in the morning! I love their coffee so much that I don’t mind having it in the afternoon or evening. I knew there was a reason why was I put up in a certain hotel before moving into my home and it was so I could discover Lavazza! (the cafe was located in their lobby).

So I know my junkfood diet is not the best for my health so to get over my guilt trip I make sure to throw in a good yoga workout while overlooking the city at CorePower Yoga. The intense workout of yoga sculpt burns away the calories I have consumed from my diet. Thank you CorePower for being so close to my home so I can continue to consume my junkfood and just work off the bad stuff!!

There are tons more that my diet and lifestyle consists of which I am sure will be shared in future blogs to come!


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