It been a long time shouldn’t left you…

Wow I cant believe its been almost a year since my last post…not ok!! Good news is that I’m back!! So much has happened since but instead of dwelling on the past I’m excited to discuss what is yet to come!! In addition to posting about my adventures in Chi-town I will also be writing on these three words: fashion, finance, and fiesta!


So much will be discussed on this topic! everything from “Getting the Look” to me posting photos on how to achieve a day to night look with just changing a few pieces in the wardrobe!

In addition, I will share different pieces from the fabulous Stella & Dot jewelry line that can turn any outfit into a glam one!

Finance (coming soon):

I’ve been in this industry long enough so I think its time for me to share my two cents!! I will mostly focus on current topics in the headlines and how these topics affect your finances. I will also be sharing tidbits on how to better control your finances.

Three words- Glam Up Parties! (
I’m so excited about this endeavor because it combines my favorites things- partying, shopping, and giving back! I will be hosting parties throughout the Chicagoland community to bring “Glam and Sparkle to the On-The-Go Woman” by providing everything from makeup, jewelry, clothes-all things glam and fabulous!! In addition a portion of the proceeds from these parties will go to a sponsored non-profit that supports the betterment of girls and women.

So there you have it!! Stay tuned for another update!


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