Get the look – makeup edition 2.5.11

So I was at MAC counter with my homegirl Mary and had no intention whatsoever to purchase anything let alone gain some valuable insight into the new spring/summer look for 2011. Well I ended getting both (fake lashes mascara and makeup tidbits) so as soon as I got home I decided to put my new product and information to the test and wanted to share my process with you all! So the look I went for was what the MAC stylist called the “mod look” where big vibrant colors are applied to either the eyes, cheeks, or lips and every other part of your face remains neutral. I went with the eyes and here are the results!!


After I applied on loose powder: (I put more on than normal to create a very smooth finish)

After I put on the eyeshadow: (thin layer of black eyeliner, with turquoise (base color) and light blue (highlight) powder

Finished look: (rose blush, aloe vera gel to get the moisten look, and a nude color lipstick with my fresh lip gloss)

Close ups of the eyes:

Below are pics of the completed look as I paired my makeup with a solid blue tee, jeans, and the river lariat necklace and grace pearl earrings from stella & dot!

**Be on the lookout for this look being presented at the next Glam Up Parties event!!**


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