Weekly Grab Bag

I was going to originally title it Tuesday Grab Bag but already know I will not consistently post this every Tuesday lol Anywho the grab bag will consists of basically anything and will have no apparent theme to it at all so if you like randoms this is for you!

Random photo of the week: my shoe drawer at work!

Update from last post: I found some pictures online that portray the look I was doing in my makeup post. All I can say is that I am so so excited to try these looks even more!
and I can’t wait to try out this look!
This article pretty much sums up why I do what I do. It explains the importance of financial education and why EVERYONE needs to be financially literate.
I seriously had more random things to post but can’t remember what it was now 😦 Oh well I’m sure I will remember for next week’s edition!

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