Weekly Grab Bag

Yeah I know I missed last weeks grab bag so I’ll make it up by posting two posts today! Last week (well actually almost two weeks now) I had my first Glam Up Parties event, PamperMe Social, held at the Loop Nail Spa and it was a great success!! I met so many wonderful ladies and everyone seemed to have really enjoyed themselves. Due to the great feedback I will be having another one in very soon! Check out the photos of the event here.

Random Photo of the Week:

I originally set up this display for my Stella & Dot launch party and decided to keep it up since it was just so darn cute! The display has changed a bit (like a few of the boxes are gone) but I figure why not keep it as part of my home decor!

I’m also into this new concept of having jewelry as part of my home decor and I will say being a stylist has something to do with this idea. Once I move into a bigger space I believe I can embark on this idea even more.

Thats all for now until next week’s Grab Bag edition!


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