Fashion and Funnies

So this is a new segment that will show off some of my favorite things related to fashion and all things funny! The fashion piece is from Shabby Apple which was love at first sight when I discovered this website a year ago. I absolutely love all the vintage style dresses! This dress is one of my favorite from their fall collection. Another added perk to love them more is they have prenatal and postnatal ensembles as well as cute clothes for your mini me!

The funny picture is a photo I grabbed off of facebook which had me cracking up so much during my preggo days. I still think this pic is pretty hilarious post preggo.

**I will try and make this a weekly thing but we’ll see as life outside the internet world can make this challenging at times. Also some of the funnies I post may contain foul language so if thats the case I will note that in the header by saying *viewer discretion*

Dress: Shabby Apple Cider Dress


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