Becoming more ECO friendly ECOnomically

While I was preggo I was seriously considering doing cloth diapering and probably would have if I would have had enough time to buy them before Boopie made her grand debut. I revisited this thought the other day and decided to do more research on it. After spending quite the time comparing brands and options I felt Perfect Bum by Cocalo was the best choice. Its more affordable then the other brands I saw and still maintained it cuteness in diaper covers. I also liked the fact that it came with disposable inserts so I could just flush or toss and be done with it! After doing some price comparisons though I realized this choice wasnt the most cost efficient which led to do more research on eco friendly disposable diapers. I came across Nutured By Nature and once I figured out the pricing including my Amazon Mom membership it was only a couple cents more per diaper then the Parents Choice I used at Walmart which meant a huge savings among name brand competitors. So I decided to go with them and purchased my box. I figured I might as well go all the way eco friendly so I bought biodegradable diaper trash bags and wipes. I also decided that I will also do cloth diapering on the weekends so I can get acclimated with the process and hopefully eventually do it everyday. I will update once I had a chance to receive and try my new products!!



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