Our trip to the Library!

I have been on a search to find free and or affordable baby and me activities in the city. I decided to check out the libraries and see when they had storytime activities and came across the weekly storytime at Harold Washington library in downtown. I particulary liked that they had a Saturday morning option so I wouldn’t have to take off work to go and I could do public transit since the buses aren’t very crowded on weekend mornings.

So I bundled up Boopie in her stroller and ventured off to the library! I was a little nervous because this was her first time doing public transportation but she did great. She even fell asleep on the bus! When we arrived to the library we headed to the childrens section and it was so kid friendly. We left our strollers out in the main area and proceeded into another room where there was a huge playmat for the babies to crawl, walk, and dance when songs were played. This storytime event totally exceeded my expectations. It was very interactive and was designed to keep the kids entertained. It included song and dance time, a quick nursery rhyme activity on the felt board, followed by a short story and then repeated itself. The length of time was perfect as well since it only lasted about 30 minutes.

Afterwards we went back to the main room and walked around a bit to see the vast array of children books and decided to check out the three books below. I had so much fun at the library that I can’t wait to do it again!

For more information about the storytime click here


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