The Lil Diva and all else

Ok so I know its been forever since Ive last done a post but give me some kuddos for not going almost years like last time! Quick update the lil diva (my daughter) is 14mos and runs the domain-like seriously. I never knew how these little people who are 1/3rd of your size and can barely speak our language can dominate a home! Still she is loads of fun to be around. Im still me, I still go out, I still love fashion and I still love to eat. So now we’re all caught up so let the postings begin! Here are few upcoming posts to look for: our pumpkin patch trip, a few of my favorite places pt.4, how to style your lbd, lazy mom recipe series, and much more topics once I remember what they are 🙂

Caption: Nyla wearing the Olive bib and pearl set from Stella & Dots little girls line (

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