Easy Sensory Activities

With the weather being ridiculously cold out and Nyla getting over the flu we were stuck in the house for a few days longer than I’d like to be. I decided to hit up Pinterest (surprise) and get some ideas of winter day activities to do with a toddler. I found two to be really easy that didn’t require me to go out to get supplies. The first activity… lets just call fuzzy snow  lol…was taking a bag of cotton balls dumping them in a big bowl and using other kitchen utensils (scoop, cups,  Tupperware, etc) to play  with the cottonballs. The lil Diva had a blast with it scooping it up and dumping them out and putting them back in! The second activity was an indoor water table filled with soapy water and other random utensils that I thought she would enjoy. She prefers playing with the kitchen stuff more than the water but it was a great activity to keep her stimulated. All in all I thought these two activities were great in accomplishing the goal of keeping the lil Diva preoccupied!

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