Jetset Essentials


After traveling from one coast to another this weekend I decided to do a post on the items I brought with me to make my travels comfortable, convenient, and of course stylish 🙂

1. Getaway bag (Mariposa print). This is the second time I have traveled with this bag and I honestly feel like this has made my traveling so much easier. The expandable feature is a lifesaver when traveling with the lil diva since I can carry her food, toys, blanket, and all my stuff too. The major plus is the straps can be placed on the handle of the stroller making the tow on my shoulders significantly less. Added bonus the super cute print!
2. Neck pillow. A must when flying solo and catching up on much needed zzz
3. Pouf (Crazy stripe print). Goodbye ziplock baggy and hello super cute way to store my travel size stuff!
4. Noise cancelling headphones. I don’t even like hearing my own child cry on the plane let alone someone else’s kid. Of course these are only used when the lil diva is not traveling with me 🙂
5. Scarf (Mariposa print). Traveling from one climate to another can be a challenge to avoid wearing too many or too little layers. Having my scarf helps to add a little extra warmth without feeling overheated. It also serves as my blanket on the plane without taking up a ton of space in my Getaway bag since the lil diva must have her blanket in tow too. And of course having a scarf that matches my bag is pretty awesome!
6. Bring It jewelry roll (Striped pattern). Another thing I was guilty of carrying in ziplock bags was my jewels which now that I know better is just wrong. Not to mention I would lose earrings since they were floating around in the bag and not secured to anything. Forget about carrying any delicate pieces that was a tangled hot mess waiting to happen. Thank goodness my jewelry carrying has now been simplified and organized thanks to my roll.
7. ipad mini. Yo gabba gabba and The Fresh Beat Band for the lil diva + music listening for mommy sans baby = happier travelers flying for several hours.
8. The Shift bag. Helps to stay organized and stylish beyond traveling! I had my wallet, lil diva’s birth certificate safely secured, keys, two pairs of sunglasses, ipad, lil diva’s diaper bag, makeup, two phones, sippy cup, water bottle, notepad, camera, checkbook, napkins and wipes with room to spare. And yes each item was easy to grab without dumping everything out of my purse 🙂 Did I mention that the front pocket zips off to become a clutch?!!
9. Chelsea tech wallet (Crazy stripe print). Instead of carrying my shift when going out to dinner with co-workers and/or running errands I can carry this wallet. It holds my cash, coins, cards, and my phone!
10. Hang on (pictured below in Crazy Stripe print). Currently serves as the lil diva’s diaper bag and makes my life much easier with one less bag I need to tow around. Of course being super cute is a nice perk!


These are my must haves for traveling and makes what can be a burdensome occasion easier to manage whether flying solo or with kids!
– Getaway, pouf, scarf, bring it jewelry roll, shift, chelsea tech wallet, hang on |
– iPad mini |
– Noise cancelling headphones |

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