Winter Storing (Sponsored Post)

I did my bi-annual task of going through the lil diva’s wardrobe and removing the clothes that were too small for her in preparing for the upcoming season. The results were 10,899,678 tops and dresses and 10 bottoms lol. I knew we were going to have a problem. Luckily, my timing of cleaning house was perfect as it coincided with Gymboree’s big sale! I stocked up on my shortage of bottoms for the lil diva to prepare for the winter and decided to browse the site for some other fav items and this what I came up with:

I love matching but I love coordinating even more!! I selected these bottoms because of their versatility to be paired with various types of tops. The tops were selected because they looked fun lol but really each item could be paired with one another to create some lively and bold outfits!! Since Halloween is a few days away I couldn’t resist this purrfect outfit for the occasion!
Now is the perfect time to stock up on these winter items and store up for the cold season ahead. The Gymboree sale is up to 80% and ends soon!!
***This is an affiliated sponsored post which may result in compensation by the affiliate***



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