My secret obsession: $3 and under manicures!

It started off as a simple interest on pinterest of pinning various nail art and designs, then I got invited to a nail wrap party and saw that I didn’t need to be a nail pro to have fun stylish nails! What turned my mere infatuation to an absolute obsession was the Dollar Tree and their nail wraps for $1! With so many designs to choose from I couldn’t believe that I could have these gorgeous creations for $1 add in a nail polish if you choose and you’ve got yourself a $2 manicure! I love this cheap option because it allows me to experiment with so many styles for cheap. The nail wraps are actually name brand in fact the Dollar Store near me is currently carrying the Essie brand! Below are just a couple of my creations I have caught on camera and the wraps and polish I used:

This one I used the Essie wraps with a mettalic polish
This one was my holiday theme with red, white, and silver wraps with red polish and glittler top coat.
My favorite nail polish is LA Colors because it’s $1 and super potent only 1 coat is really needed! I hope to share more of my creations in the future 🙂

3 thoughts on “My secret obsession: $3 and under manicures!

  1. Oooh, this gives me a reason to go to the Dollar Store today (like I need another one!) I’ve never seen the nail wraps there! Thank you for sharing with us at Merry Monday!

    1. Hi Amanda you’re welcome and thanks for stopping by! I hope you find some nail wraps that you’ll love because once you do you’ll be going back there all the time! Lol

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