21 Day Blog Challenge + Grab Bag is Back!

I decided to participate in challenge to write a post everyday for 21 days. I had great plans including my big migration to wordpress and so many other goodies…but I’m sick and that’s the excuse I’m using on why things are postponed. Anywho I am still starting my challenge today by bringing back the grab bag series!! Since its been forever since I’ve done a grab bag I decided to go a little overboard and post about almost everything I did today lol

Saw this outfit on Pinterest and just had to make a Polyvore creation for it!! I can’t wait to rock this look when its not super cold! 
My new years resolution: positive thinking all the time!! Loving this quote 🙂
I’m quite proud of this accomplishment 🙂 This is my highest score ever!!
Love this bracelet? You can own it when you become a Glam Up Parties founder and donate! More details here: http://www.gofundme.com/glamupparties
See yall tomorrow for Day 2!


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