Fizzy Bubbly Fun! Toddler Science Activity & Sensory Play

I had been way overdue in doing an activity with the lil diva due to the holidays overload but the other day discovered a fun science experiment while trying to unclog my pipes with vinegar and baking soda. I thought it would be fun to watch it fizz up over and over!

In addition to using baking soda and vinegar I added koolaid for color and lemon juice to the baking soda to make it bubble! Overall the experiment was super fun and quite interactive as the lil diva would pour the vinegar or lemon juice in the containers while poured in the baking soda. It was a little messy but thats because she went back and forth pouring the mixer from one container to another and we shook one container to see it refizz. The lil diva definitely enjoyed the experiment so much that after I cleaned up she took the initiative to do an encore experiment! Which was fine seeing as though the first time around I was too fascinated with the experiment to take pictures so I got capture them the second go around 🙂




For a more controlled setup I think next time I’ll set everything in a bin on the floor vs the table. This is definitely one project that will be on repeat along with my other sensory activities during these winter months when we’re stuck at home!


7 thoughts on “Fizzy Bubbly Fun! Toddler Science Activity & Sensory Play

  1. Great idea! My youngest has special needs and this will make a great addition to our sensory play sessions 🙂

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