Quick Fixins: Honey Lemon Tea + Cheesy Nachos


These past few weeks I have obsessed with making a few snacks and drinks that quick and easy and oh so yummy! Besides my homemade microwave popcorn and hot cider, these other two pairings have been making their rounds in my home:

Honey Lemon Tea: I caught the flu bug that had been traveling around and without this warm elixir I would have been miserable. I never again will buy the prepackaged lemon tea knowing how quick and easy it is to make this homemade! All you need is black tea ( the old fashion lipton tea used for iced tea will do), lemon juice (I used the bottled concentrated kind), and of course honey! I put the honey in first before pouring the hot water and add my drops of lemon juice once it’s poured in. I then stir it, add my tea bag and let it steep for a minute and viola it’s done! With winter in full force this drink is a must for warmth and goodness!

Cheesy Nachos: it all started on Pinterest when I saw some delicious shrimp nachos and had to try them and suddenly my cravings for nachos resurfaced. I decided to buy some salsa con queso (I love Aldi’s brand) and make some nachos without the shrimp. I used whatever shredded cheese was in my fridge (which is typically four cheese mexican or colby jack). I layered my chips, added the salsa con queso, loaded it with shredded cheese, and microwaved it for a minute. The result was a ooey, gooey, cheesy sensation that was amazing! I even added shredded bbq chicken to it one time and that almost put me in food coma because it was that good!

I can’t believe I spent my life deprived of these quick fixins but am so glad they are now part of my food collection 🙂


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