Weekly Grab Bag 1.6.14

Besides running a few errands before the arctic freeze arrives I have been indoors these past few days which equates to more time spent on social media and the internet. Here’s just a few of my discoveries:


This picture was too cute to just pin that I had to share it on Instagram as my #toocutetuesday post! I just love monkeys and baby white tigers!


Lately I’ve been having puppy fever (in addition to my desire of wanting an older dog too) and have fallen in love with the Pomsky. I have always loved Huskies but like the idea of having a smaller bred (about half the size of the pure bred). While I don’t plan to get one anytime soon since the lil diva is more than enough for me right now, looking at pictures of those adorable puppies helps to curb my puppy fever! Lol


While doing my favorite activity of pinning on Pinterest, I ran across these hilarious knock knock jokes. Some of these are really clever and oh too cute. My favorites are #8 and #18. I can’t wait to use them on my godchild and nephews!

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