Delightful Delicates – Layered Necklace Look


I instantly fell in love with this picture when it came across my instagram feed because of how the delicate necklaces were perfectly layered together. I am so in love with this latest trend because it truly speaks to my style. While I do love my statement pieces, the layered delicate look tends makes a statement in a subtle way that has brings about a casual, rather nonchalant approach. I decided to skim through the rest of instagram using the stella & dot delicate hashtag for more layered delicate inspiration. These three were my favorite:


Now that I had my creative juices flowing I created a layered delicate look on Polyvore!


For an instant layered look the Rebel Cluster Necklace below is a two in one combo where worn together creates a layered look or can be worn separately with other delicate pieces!


Get the Look~Delicate Layers Featuring Stella & Dot Necklaces:
Aria Necklace
Gold Disc Engravable
On the Mark



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