Grab Bag 1.13.15: Grand Discoveries

This week’ grab bag is all about simple discoveries that have made my life a little bit great! Hopefully they can do the same for you!


You would think bubbles was worth as much as gold the way I was hoarding it. That’s because I honestly didn’t want to create a bubble allowance of having to buy them every few weeks since thats how long they would last in my household on a good month ( no spills, or accidentally throwing them out). I also didn’t want to stockpile them because really its not that serious in an emergency all they would bring is a very basic form of entertainment lol. It wasn’t until yesterday that I discovered there was no need to hoard it or resort to stockpiling because I already had something in my home to use as a refill….bubble bath!! Let me tell you using bubble bath for blowing bubbles works way better than what you buy on a scale of 1-10 for bubble making it’s like an 8 lol. Not to mention if you have scented bubble bath like Mr. Bubbles it smells yummy too!


While visiting the library the other day I made the genius discovery of DVD books!! If anyone remembers Reading Rainbow it was always fun listening to stories being read! The great thing about these DVD rentals is that they carry rental time as a book so I don’t have to worry about returning them sooner. This is another alternative for the lil diva when she wants to watch DVDs on her player that’s educational! Even if your local library doesn’t carry these you can visit the scholastic website and buy your own 🙂

Thats it for this week’s grab bag!

FamZoo Prepaid Cards for Kids


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