When the Enemy Attacks

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Yesterday I didn’t post on my blog despite being apart of 21 Blog Day challenge because I needed a day of rest. That’s because the day prior I had experienced one of the worst periods of spiritual attacks that I had encountered in awhile and thank God I did rest because I was tempted again but luckily I recognized it. I won’t go into details about the incidents but will say that when the enemy attacks his purpose is to do three things: kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). In these particular incidents the enemy tried to steal my joy, kill my dreams, and destroy my family. Once I recognized the attack I immediately began to pray and worship. I thank God for allowing me to renew my spirit and not let those incidents ruin my remaining day. While I knew how to react after the situation I begin wondering what behavior(s) was I displaying beforehand to even provoke this attack? I realized that prior to this attack I was becoming very irritable and stressed out and began to feel out of balance. I wasn’t getting the proper amount of sleep, I wasn’t eating like I should, and mine and the lil diva’s schedule was all over the place! When you are out of balance it is easier for these attacks to happen. That’s when I knew I had to keep these 4 things below a priority if I didn’t want to experience these types of attacks:

1. Sleep/Rest: it may vary for people but I need at least 8 hrs a day. It can be all at once or accumulated but 8 is the magic number.

2. Eating Right/Staying Fit: I have been doing my pinterest workout challenges which has been great in staying consistent in exercising. I noticed that I wasn’t eating dinner some days though which is a big no no! Ideally I should eat 3 meals a day but am ok if I do two ( breakfast and dinner) and snack in between so long as those snacks provide the nutrients needed.

3. Make a schedule and adhere to it: this was something I needed to be more disciplined about. I noticed that when I don’t loosely plan my day and just fly by the wind that I feel like I’m all over the place. Having some sort of structure for me helps me to be more productive and less likely to get distracted and off task.

4. Make time for spiritual renewal: I started last year making time for devotional reading in the mornings and just recently began including even devotional time as well. I have noticed a difference in staying more in tune with my faith and being more observant in listening to God. I realized that the one night that I had skipped out on my evening devotional because I was so tired that following morning was when I was attacked.

I am now going to make a more deliberate effort to make sure that these areas in my life remain balanced!

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