Why she’s still my favorite


(As told through crappy photos taken from my phone)

I feel like lately I’ve been doing a lot of baby bashing due to potty training and typical toddler behavior which has caused me mommy guilt (boo) so I decided to take a moment and post pictures of candid moments that remind me why my child is pretty awesome and why she’s my favorite person! Disclaimer: these are candid a.k.a. you’ll probably see crap on my floor, snot on her face, and anything else that’s typical of raising a toddler! image Her newest fad of completely undressing herself and walking around the house in boots either hers or mines or like in this picture both image This was actually taken at the sitters house where she decided to try out a $30 lipstick. Just like her momma she loves the finer things! image Becoming the next Alicia Keys image image Having a blast in a giant sized playpen with jumbo balloons and a giant fan blowing them around (this was the best thing ever in her world) image My favorite pizza maker image She loves snow!! image And lastly she’s my Lil fashionista!! So in a nutshell she may annoy me at times but most of the time she’s my buddy 🙂


8 thoughts on “Why she’s still my favorite

  1. I like them all but I think the pic with her wearing two different boots is my favorite 🙂 I have a two year old too and I agree it can be challenging at times

  2. That picture with the two boots is so cute and hilarious! I completely relate with my son driving me crazy and then turning around and doing something so unexpectedly sweet or funny that makes it all ok.

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