My Adventures

These pasts few weeks I have been exploring more of the city that I have called home. I travel mostly by subway (or the “el“) and Im becoming much more familiar with using the subway and getting me to certain destinations. Below is one of many stations that I travel to. Since I mostly walk to and from the subway its always best to wear comfy shoes. In addition, I listen to my ipod so im not bothered by random peeps or the homeless people. Overall, Im enjoying my new mode of transportation but when I get a bit of driving fever I can always rent my i-go car whoot whoot!!

So tonight for the first time I tried meetups and it turned out well. The meetup I went to was for coffee lovers (like muah) where we check out quaint coffee shops throughout chicagoland and go eat at a local restaurant nearby. I had a great time meeting new ppl, trying new drinks, and eating great food! I can’t wait to see how my other meetups go!!


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